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20 January 2010 @ 07:17 pm
I'm keen for the races this weekend!

are you?
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01 December 2009 @ 08:26 pm
Ok girlies...

How often do your boyfriends text you?
i can wait 3 days before a text...
i think id like to hear from him more. is that so wrong?

i always text first.. well sort of always...

golly gosh man troubles suck ass!
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29 November 2009 @ 02:31 pm
wow i havn't been on here i like 25 weeks!
miss me much?

anywho... totally think we should all do something next weekend?...
Argh! why me!

my love life is shit!
so atm there is:
Andrew: religious, pimp, fantastic body! caring, amazing eyes!
Ash: well he is just ash right now... i hardly hear from him. ok granted he is busy with assignments.
Kris: wow never thought he would be keen after soo long!

I know for sure that i won't go out with kris altho keen to kiss him lol
Andrew... hmm maybe
Ash, well im totally into him! but still no askage of owtage!

I met up with andrew on wednesday! we went to mcds for food then, went to his place.  Ive liked him for a while but, he never got it! so yea, we hoped into his bed coz it was cold ok! so did the ususal cuddling but then i really  wanted to kiss him! obviously he felt the same lol but i won't talk about that. I felt soo guilty!!!! the whole time i was thinking of ash, and how disgusted i felt about what i was doing, but i still stayed! he texted me that night saying he liked me! why now tho!? hello!!!! i was fully single like 5MONTHS AGO! it's driving me nuts coz i still want to see him!

im meeting kris next wednesday...

my biggest problem atm is sonali tho... i hate the fact that she is now hanging out with andrew! and she has ash's number! and when andrew talks about her i just want to kill her! jealousy is a bitch!.... and now ash has started which makes it worse!!!!!!

im so like... ARRRRGH right now!
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14 May 2009 @ 06:57 pm
Comedy shows ROCK!!!!

they encourage drug useage and im totally wanting to try it!

Ash = <3
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Sorry guys but yes it's another LJ about ash...

so went to see ash as always on friday..
time went past soo fast!
The girl at red planet gave him lollies.. i think she likes him.  BACK OF THE LINE BITCH!
anyway i stayed till closing time again which was cool..
i was going to walk home and he was like we'll walk to his and he will drive me home. I was totally all for it! but played it cool.. anyway he took my hand and we walked home.. that was nice.  so got to his and he tried to tell me his mum was a stoner cause we had just been talking about stoners as you do.. his poor mum was horrified lol so went upstairs to his room (i swear he had it all planned!).. and i as looking round and noticed he had no photos on his wall so i hit him up about it. we booked at his photo album.. a cute chubby baby i must say.  anyway there was this one girl who was in every freaking photo with him! drove me nuts!  so yea after that we did the usual but il spear the details.

so today (sunday) my mate sonali textes him coz she wants to know, like me, what the happenings is so...
sonali: are you bedding my zerlina? are you guys dating?
Ash: mmm not yet. we've only only out with each other a few time since we met, and no were not bedding.
Sonali: yes, wel aside form bedding, the action ur getting demands sum askage of owtage. otherwise i will comand her 2 keep those lips away frm urs. nd shes my bitch.

well he didn't text back after that.. so she texts him telling him to get his act together etc rather funny lol

so yea him and i still arent an item... YET! i'l cling on to that word..
OH AND...he took rachel k's sister to the ball!
and he went out with zoe holiday! and sara wornock!... they were his only gfs..

o andrew told me he loves me!... not cool!
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07 May 2009 @ 10:01 pm
so my friend sonali (who is freaking awesome!) has randomly started to get to know the sam and dan...
she didn't realise i knew them..

anyway she textes me going come to couches cute guy here... so i make my way to mclarin to get a text saying cute guy know me.. i was hoping it was ash but when i got to the couch i was greatly guttered as it was only freaking sam...

but the scandal part is... she thinks dan the man has his eye on a chick!!!
like she decided to lie on the couch so he couldnt sit down but he just lefted her legs and place his hands on her THIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
way too touchy for uni!

that is all...
dont say anything tho till she can get concrete info!
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so after a really stuffed up week, a date with ash was the last thing on my mind. but after thinking about it over and over again i decided  it may be just the thing i need... and holy smokes! it was!!

he picked me up after rugby (like always) and met my parents. we decided to go to his place to watch movies. a little awkward at first when we got to his.  so when we were watching a horror.. a rather lame one!..  he decides to scare me.. but that was just an excuse to get close lol. when the film ended he did the usual kiss and cuddle.. but then his mum came in so i must have looked like a tart! once she left we went back to spooning on the couch.. LOVE SPOONING!.. then it got R rated.. but i won't go there.. after that i started falling asleep on him it was like 4.. so he was like we could go to my room. so we "snuggled" for a while. and then i saw the time and was like fuk got to go. so he drove me home..

end of perfect night!

But he still hasn't asked me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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29 April 2009 @ 09:04 pm

Sorry Ham for nutting at ya last night...
i'd had a bit of a dramatic day..

Beth had her court case, and managed to cause a freaking up roar.
it started when mum, dad, jason and nana went to masterton to support her (like she asked).. when they turned up they saw vorn (beths dad) who she had invited knowing full well he would go off his block at the site of my parents.  she saw him go to start up his shit and she tried to do a runner.. well kim, my soon to be sister in law, went after and was like get your ass inside.. so beth gets inside and is all like i dont want THEM (my parents) and DAD here.. mum was like "you asked us to come" and then the judge was all like "who are you" and mum was all like "im her mum" and beths like "na your not" and mums like "ive looked after her for 12 years" nd beths all like "na you didnt" and mums all like "fine beth if you are going to be like this forget about our family" and beths like "what family?"..

so we offically mean like nothing to her.. adn i lose another sister.. yay for me

anyway.. beth tried another runner after this and jason went after her this time.. followed by vorn. so vorns all like "who the fuck are you?" and jasons all like "im her brother" and vorns like "no your not!!" so jason bashed him!! about freaking time that egg got a hiding!!! vorns friends watched and laughed!.. niice..

so now the police are looking for jason...

we also found out beth lied about alot of stuff to us.
like the night we went to wendys, i felt bad for leaving her coz she said she would be in trouble with the police.. load of shit! and she is still on p...

so yea... all one big soap opera right?.. and when i turn the tv off all will be better ae?.

...........I wish.............

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26 April 2009 @ 12:35 am
sooo ive just gotten home from a very good night with the one and only ash baker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you believe it?! coz its like a dream to me!
he invited me to his mates house warming. at first i was all like omg i shouldve stayed home. but then it was alright.  we checkd out other girls.. he is popular with the girls.. so i got a little jealous.
a live band come to the party! wouldve been mean if we were drinking but he was driving so i was like i wont drink too.  we held hands and cuddled... i liked how when he wanted to say something he'd put my hair behind my ear and whisper hehe.

once the band was done everyone was like TOWN! and we were like na...
so driving home we talked more.. he wanted to teach me how to drive... i was like hell no!! regret it now tho.. coz id still be with him lol

so got to mine.. again i made first move and kissed him. but then he like kept kissing me! i was like holy shit!! so im sure he likes me know...

and he is the first guy to be like.. do you want me to meet your parents?.. so im like omfg!
but ill wait for him to text me tomorrow yea?
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